Assuring Used Impactor Nozzle Quality

The ability to self-manage impactor nozzle quality is an important benefit for FIA customers who already own the FIA TrB III trigger box in combination with a speciality lid. FIA is now offering these measurements to customers who send their impactors — either NGI or ACI — to FIA for the same nozzle testing!

FIA guarantees impactors sent to us for pressure drop measurement will be at FIA’s lab no more than five days! For the upper stages, we have rated pin gages by which we can measure if the stage nozzles are within specification. Pressure drop and dimensional checks will come with a certificate. In our machine shop we can also repair impactors and individual stages after agreement with the customer. The new FIA service, available to all impactor users, is MUCH FASTER and LESS expensive than optical inspection!! TRY IT NOW; you’ll be glad you did!!!

For more technical understanding, press this link to the text that explains the link between dP, optical stage mensuration, and nozzle quality.
If you are looking for the ACI service click here