Chewing Apparatus and Dissolution Bath

FIA’s chewing apparatus is used to simulate the chewing of gums and analyze the speed at which various substances are released. It can for example be used to analyze the release of drug and candy flavors.

Development of the chewing apparatus was conducted in close collaboration with Nicorette brand name holder and other producers of medicated chewing gums.

It is adopted by the European Pharmacopeia 7.4, § 2.9.25 and is to be adopted by the US Pharmacopeia. Nicorette and Rugby Nicotine gums are registered in all countries with dissolution data from our Chewing Apparatus. The largest chewing gum manufacturers in the candy industry are among our customers. Other applications include testing of snuff bags and tablets.

The design is modular, which means that you upon ordering can select how many parallel chewing cells you want (defaults up to six). Logging can be done: the jaws pressure towards the chewing gum, torque at shear force (twisting motion), pH and temperature. This can be then presented by a computer. With the modular design we can easily modify it for your needs. Controlled Mortar Grinder development of tablets is one possible custom application.

Safe working environment is achieved by enclosing all moving parts with protective walls. The default setup which is on wheels allowing for ease of movement but other versions are also offered.

If you are interested there is more extensive information about the product at

The FIA Chewing Apparatus DRT with 5 chewing cells.