Trigger Box Model III has the same format as Model II and is also equipped with an internal flow meter. With this equipment the user has full control of the testing including volumetric flow measurement. The latter is enabled by an integrated laminar flow element downstream the test set-up (e.g. dose collector or impactor). By using a conversion factor set at the factory and simultaneous pressure measurement the air flow into the device can be calculated. The principle has proven to be robust and has been used by FIA’s customers for over 25 years but has now been integrated into a compact format for routine use.

Key features are:

  • Generous flow path which minimizes loss of flow and helps attaining the critical flow condition
  • Flow control valve
  • Timer controlled valve
  • Measurement of P1 and critical flow (P3/P2 ratio)
  • Measurement of volumetric air flow into the device
  • Resettable counter for actuations
  • 7″ TFT touch screen for control and presentation of measured values, suitable to operate with or without gloves
  • Ports for external printer (list of dose #, P1, ratio and Q) and USB for export to usb-stick in .csv format
  • Input to actuate from optional handheld or foot switch

Download the pdf AB FIA Trigger box TrB III