Volumetric dispenser with a programmable volume in the interval of 10 to 1100 ml. The volume may be repeated to pump several liters in portions. This function may be used for instance to repeatedly fill vessels.

On the picture is shown a product version with a stand. It may also be mounted on a stainless lab trolley or with the lower part under a table.

All parts in liquid contact are corrosion resistant, allowing handling of aggressive liquids and solvents. It is also available for dilution purposes with extra valves.

Easy to operate via touch panel. No PC is needed. Just type in the desired volume in ml and the dispenser will withdraw the volume from the container and dispense it from the outlet.

Different liquids will need different withdrawal and infusion (dispensing) speeds which is easily changed through the panel.

Exact dosage of liquid volumes is in the range of < 10 – 1100 ml. The set volume can be repeated, thus it is also possible to dispense for instance 999 x 1100 ml.

Standard deviation less than 0.02.

Volume accuracy and precision: fault < 0.5 ml in the interval 30 – 300 ml and in the interval 300 – 1100 ml < 0.4%.

The concept can be made in other configurations, such as compact models with shorter but broader cylinders, when a slighty less accurate delivery is acceptable. Lower volume ranges, e.g., 500 ml are also available.