The Controlled Pump is designed to run 32 different pump programs that are easy selectable by two thumb wheels on the front panel. A program consists of one infusion motion and one withdrawal motion which are both configurable with stroke length and speed.

Start a selected pump program by press of the green “START/STOP” push button at the front panel. The pump will start infuse with parameters from the selected pump program. When the pump reach the programmed end position, it will immediately withdraw and then infuse and so on, as long as the latched push button is in its inner position.

Dimensions: 122 x 140 x 350 mm. (WxDxH)
Weight: 4,4 kg.
Power supply: External power supply, 24 VDC 2,5 A
Glass syringe connection for external equipment: Luer Lock
Maximum infusion/withdrawal volume: 20 ml.
Maximum infusion/withdrawal rate (measured directly against atmosphere) 50 ml/s.
Lowest infusion/withdrawal rate (measured directly against atmosphere) 6 ml/s.