Trigger Box Model II – Critical Flow Controller

This model builds on the functions of Model I with the addition of differential pressure transducers for measuring and displaying pressure at P1, P2, and P3.

Key features are:

  • Flow actuation: 0-60 min, 0.1s resolution
  • Actuation counter: Resettable 0-999
  • Foot switch: Yes
  • Display: 4.3” touch
  • P1 Measurement: Yes, 0-16 kPa
  • P3/P2 Measurement: Yes
  • Flow Measurement: No
  • dP (e.g. stage dP): No
  • Printable data: Prints new actuations continuously
    • Flow ”on” time
    • Dose number
    • P1
    • P3/P2 (if < 0.5)
  • Relay output for actuation of external equipment: No
  • Displayed history of recent actuation data: Last 3 actuations
  • USB memory stick export: No
  • Automatic leak test: No
  • Dimensions (cm): 23x13x13