Metivent Software – A Companion to TSI Flowmeters

Metivent is a Windows application for recording air flow measurements from TSI flowmeters (e.g. TSI4040). A standard Windows computer with the installed Metivent software connects to the flowmeter via a USB-serial converter. The acquisition of data from the flowmeter is then controlled by the software. Once started the graph is updated continuously during measurement.

  • The software can be used in several modes and configurations.
  • Start trig (wait to start until the flow has reached the start trigger level)
  • End trig (sample data until stop trigger condition)
  • Gas calibration
  • Number of samples to collect if not using trig
  • Standard or volumetric flow
  • Sampling rate 1-1000/s

Measurements can be conveniently saved to CSV files and opened in Excel for further data analyses and presentations. The instrument is pivotal when recording inhalations profiles for lung simulation studies (such as F-SIG 6300). The file presents flow and pressure and temperature along with instrument data such as serial number and calibration date and currently used settings.

Download the pdf ABFIA Metivent Software